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Product Range - Woodland Scenics - Ballast And Trackbed

Below are all the products we currently supply in this category. If there is something in particular you're looking for, but can't find, don't hesitate to contact us, we'll do our best to find it for you.

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Image Description Stock Code Stock Level
Roadbed N Scale 24" long (36 piece) Roadbed N Scale 24" long (36 piece) WOO ST1462 In Stock
Roadbed HO Scale 24" long (36 piece) Roadbed HO Scale 24" long (36 piece) WOO ST1461 In Stock
  Roadbed HO Scale 24" long (1 piece) WOO ST1461/1 In Stock
HO 24 Track bed roll HO 24 Track bed roll WOO ST1474 In Stock
Mine Run Coal Mine Run Coal WOO B92 In Stock
Brown Med Ballast Brown Med Ballast WOO B79 In Stock
Iron Ore Coarse Ballast Iron Ore Coarse Ballast WOO B84 In Stock
Grey Med Shaker Grey Med Shaker WOO B1382 In Stock
Coarse Buff Gravel Coarse Buff Gravel WOO C1289 In Stock
Grey Fine shaker Grey Fine shaker WOO B1375 In Stock
Buff Coarse Ballast Buff Coarse Ballast WOO B87 In Stock
Lt Grey Fine shaker Lt Grey Fine shaker WOO B1374 In Stock
Dk Brown Coarse Ballast Dk Brown Coarse Ballast WOO B85 In Stock
Grey Medium Ballast Grey Medium Ballast WOO B82 In Stock
Fine Buff Gravel Fine Buff Gravel WOO C1288 In Stock
Cinders Coarse Ballast Cinders Coarse Ballast WOO B90 In Stock
N Scale 3mm Super Sheet N Scale 3mm Super Sheet WOO ST1478 In Stock
Cinders Med Ballast Cinders Med Ballast WOO B83 In Stock
Cinders Fine Ballast Cinders Fine Ballast WOO B76 In Stock
Dk Brown Med Ballast Dk Brown Med Ballast WOO B78 In Stock
N Scale Track-bed sheets (6) N Scale Track-bed sheets (6) WOO ST1460 In Stock
HO Scale Track-bed sheets (6) HO Scale Track-bed sheets (6) WOO ST1470 In Stock
Cinders Fine Shaker Cinders Fine Shaker WOO B1376 In Stock
Brown Med Shaker Brown Med Shaker WOO B1379 In Stock
Grey Blend Fine Shaker Grey Blend Fine Shaker WOO B1393 In Stock
Grey Coarse Shaker Grey Coarse Shaker WOO B1389 In Stock
Buff Coarse Shaker Buff Coarse Shaker WOO B1387 In Stock
N Scale Track bed (12 pce) N Scale Track bed (12 pce) WOO ST1472 In Stock
Grey Blend Coarse Shaker Grey Blend Coarse Shaker WOO B1395 In Stock
Cinders Coarse Shaker Cinders Coarse Shaker WOO B1390 In Stock
Grey Blend Ballast Grey Blend Ballast WOO B94 In Stock
Lt Grey Medium Ballast Lt Grey Medium Ballast WOO B81 In Stock
Cinders Med Shaker Cinders Med Shaker WOO B1383 In Stock
Brown Fine shaker Brown Fine shaker WOO B1372 In Stock
  Roadbed N Scale 24" long (1 piece) WOO ST1462/1 In Stock
Brown Fine Ballast Brown Fine Ballast WOO B72 Low
Buff Med Ballast Buff Med Ballast WOO B80 Low
Lump Coal Lump Coal WOO B93 Low
Brown Coarse Shaker Brown Coarse Shaker WOO B1386 Low
Grey Fine Gravel Grey Fine Gravel WOO C1286 Low
Grey Coarse Gravel Grey Coarse Gravel WOO C1287 Low
Lt Grey Coarse Shaker Lt Grey Coarse Shaker WOO B1388 Low
Lt Grey Coarse Ballast Lt Grey Coarse Ballast WOO B88 Low
Dk Brown Fine Ballast Dk Brown Fine Ballast WOO B71 Low
Grey Coarse Ballast Grey Coarse Ballast WOO B89 Low
Iron Ore Fine Ballast Iron Ore Fine Ballast WOO B70 Low
Buff Fine shaker Buff Fine shaker WOO B1373 Low
HO/O 5mm Super sheet HO/O 5mm Super sheet WOO ST1477 One Left
HO Scale Track bed (12 pce) HO Scale Track bed (12 pce) WOO ST1471 One Left
Grey Blend Med. Shaker Grey Blend Med. Shaker WOO B1394 One Left
Grey Fine Ballast Grey Fine Ballast WOO B75 One Left
Lt Grey Med Shaker Lt Grey Med Shaker WOO B1381 One Left
Brown Coarse Ballast Brown Coarse Ballast WOO B86 Out of Stock
O Track bed Roll 24' O Track bed Roll 24' WOO ST1476 Out of Stock
N 24 Track bed roll N 24 Track bed roll WOO ST1475 Out of Stock
Lt Grey Fine Ballast Lt Grey Fine Ballast WOO B74 Out of Stock
Iron Ore Med Ballast Iron Ore Med Ballast WOO B77 Out of Stock
Buff Med Shaker Buff Med Shaker WOO B1380 Out of Stock
Buff Fine Ballast Buff Fine Ballast WOO B73 Out of Stock