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Image Description Stock Code Stock Level
Seeder & Tractor kitset Seeder & Tractor kitset WOO D208 Low
HO Spoonin'-N-Croonin' HO Spoonin'-N-Croonin' WOO AS5530 Low
HO Dog Gone Animal Control HO Dog Gone Animal Control WOO AS5551 Low
HO Cruisin' Couples HO Cruisin' Couples WOO AS5536 Low
HO Roger's Rag Top HO Roger's Rag Top WOO AS5527 Low
HO Rocky's Road Repair HO Rocky's Road Repair WOO AS5550 Low
HO Silver Sports car HO Silver Sports car WOO AS5368 Low
Henry's Haulin' Autoscene Henry's Haulin' Autoscene WOO AS5538 Low
HO Thompson's Travelin' Trailer HO Thompson's Travelin' Trailer WOO AS5532 Low
HO Junk Cars HO Junk Cars WOO AS5563 Low
HO Fire Truck HO Fire Truck WOO AS5567 Low
HO Getaway Gangsters HO Getaway Gangsters WOO AS5540 Low
HO Chip's Ice Truck HO Chip's Ice Truck WOO AS5557 Low
HO Carburetor Chaos HO Carburetor Chaos WOO AS5548 Low
HO Billy Brown's Coupe HO Billy Brown's Coupe WOO AS5522 Low
HO Maroon Coupe HO Maroon Coupe WOO AS5361 One Left
HO Bad Boy Bikers HO Bad Boy Bikers WOO AS5554 One Left
HO Red Sport Coupe HO Red Sport Coupe WOO AS5369 One Left
HO Black Coupe HO Black Coupe WOO AS5360 One Left
HO Black Sedan HO Black Sedan WOO AS5367 One Left
HO Mickey's Milk Delivery HO Mickey's Milk Delivery WOO AS5529 One Left
HO Rusty Springs Furniture HO Rusty Springs Furniture WOO AS5545 One Left
HO Hitchin' A Ride HO Hitchin' A Ride WOO AS5547 One Left
HO Hall & Duke HO Hall & Duke WOO AS5521 One Left
HO To the Lake Autoscene HO To the Lake Autoscene WOO AS5544 One Left
HO Sign Slingers HO Sign Slingers WOO AS5556 One Left
HO Work Van HO Work Van WOO AS5366 Out of Stock
HO Tim Burr Logging HO Tim Burr Logging WOO AS5553 Out of Stock
HO Wayne Recker's Tow Service HO Wayne Recker's Tow Service WOO AS5524 Out of Stock
HO Taxi HO Taxi WOO AS5365 Out of Stock
HO Suds & Shine HO Suds & Shine WOO AS5533 Out of Stock
HO Sparky & The Chief HO Sparky & The Chief WOO AS5559 Out of Stock
HO Tractor and Planter HO Tractor and Planter WOO AS5565 Out of Stock
HO Willie's Warning HO Willie's Warning WOO AS5528 Out of Stock
HO Two tone Truck HO Two tone Truck WOO AS5371 Out of Stock
Ma & Pa's Trailer Haven Autoscene Ma & Pa's Trailer Haven Autoscene WOO AS5542 Out of Stock
Ike's Ice Cream Truck Autoscene Ike's Ice Cream Truck Autoscene WOO AS5541 Out of Stock
***HO Felix Fix-A-Flat ***HO Felix Fix-A-Flat WOO AS5523 Out of Stock
HO Shove it or Leave it Autoscene HO Shove it or Leave it Autoscene WOO AS5543 Out of Stock
HO Fritz's Front Loader HO Fritz's Front Loader WOO AS5558 Out of Stock
HO Backhoe HO Backhoe WOO AS5566 Out of Stock
HO Blue Sedan HO Blue Sedan WOO AS5363 Out of Stock
HO Born to Ride HO Born to Ride WOO AS5549 Out of Stock
HO Camper Shell Truck HO Camper Shell Truck WOO AS5364 Out of Stock
HO Dewie's Dozer HO Dewie's Dozer WOO AS5562 Out of Stock
HO Family Vacation HO Family Vacation WOO AS5525 Out of Stock
HO Grady's Grader HO Grady's Grader WOO AS5560 Out of Stock
HO Rusty's Regret HO Rusty's Regret WOO AS5531 Out of Stock
HO Lubeners Loading HO Lubeners Loading WOO AS5526 Out of Stock
HO Lumpy's Coal Company HO Lumpy's Coal Company WOO AS5555 Out of Stock
HO Parked for a picnic HO Parked for a picnic WOO AS5552 Out of Stock
HO Paul's Fresh Produce HO Paul's Fresh Produce WOO AS5561 Out of Stock
HO Peter's Painting HO Peter's Painting WOO AS5539 Out of Stock
HO Pickem' Up Truck HO Pickem' Up Truck WOO AS5534 Out of Stock
HO Pit Stop HO Pit Stop WOO AS5546 Out of Stock
HO Passenger Van HO Passenger Van WOO AS5362 Out of Stock